Alaska Backcountry Rentals

Now Owned by Alaska Mountaineering & Hiking

Ever wanted to try backcountry skiing but can't find the right gear?  We offer skis, boots, poles, and skins so you can explore Southcentral Alaska's world class ski terrain.  

Alaska Backcountry Skiing

       Backcountry skiing is similar to resort or alpine skiing minus the chair lifts.  In order to earn a backcountry ski run you usually have to hike up the mountain you intend to ski, unless you have a helicopter.  There are multiple ways to achieve this; boot packing, snowshoes, telemark bindings, split boards, and alpine touring bindings.  

       Our rentals allow alpine skiers to unlock their heals in order to walk uphill comfortably.  The other half of the equation is climbing skins.  These strips of carpet like material have sticky glue on one side attach to the base of your skis and allow uphill progress with minimal downhill slippage.  The quirks, maintenance, and proper use of this equipment will be covered when you meet up to collect your rental.

       So why put up with all this hassle if you could ski at a resort?  To give yourself the opportunity to find miles and miles of untracked powder skiing without another soul in sight.  Also, walking uphill is good for you! 


      Our ski fleet was chosen to optimize performance in South Central Alaska's ever changing conditions.  We have a range of sizes to fit any skier and a variety of ski models in order to cater to different skiing styles.  Rental brands include Black Diamond, Atomic, DPS, Icelantic, La Sportiva, and H20.  




      All of our bindings are meant for backcountry touring, however we offer several different styles and brands.  Our Dynafit or Tech fitting bindings are the most lightweight and efficient option for big touring days  and breaking trail without sacrificing downhill reliability.  These bindings require special tech fittings in the toe and heel of your ski boot.  Tech fitting bindings are available from Dynafit, G3, and Plum.  

      Interested in skiing the backcountry in your own alpine boots? We also offer alpine style bindings with releasable heel units and heal risers for touring.  These bindings excel in downhill performance and stability while sacrificing some weight and efficiency to tech fitting bindings.  Alpine bindings are available from Atomic and Marker.  



      We have a size run of Black Diamond Slant alpine touring boots available for rent.  These boots will allow you to use tech fitting style bindings as well as alpine style bindings and get out to enjoy the backcountry.


Beacon, probe, and shovel are the standard items every backcountry skier should have in their backpack at all times.  Along with carrying the equipment, knowledge of how to use each piece of gear is essential to begin able to execute a companion rescue to save you backcountry partners in the case of an avalanche.